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Silent Spring - Cassette Tape (Very Limited)


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1. New Mantras
2. Silent Spring
3. False Guidance
4. Sylvie
5. Door Walk Blues
6. Drive East
7. Marbled Wren
8. Days in a Dream
9. Prospect Of Wealth
10. Willie O Winsbury

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"Channelling the ghosts of Jansch and Renbourn through his fingertips, the fluid playing and emotive singing of Yorkshire-born Henry Parker evokes the spirit of the early-60’s folk revival as if it were yesterday." ★★★★★ - RnR

"The Yorkshire based musician displays his guitar virtuosity and confident song-craft. This album is a well-produced and promising debut, and hopefully the first of many. One to watch."
★★★★ - Shindig! Magazine

"Henry has managed to encapsulate the sound of fifty years ago with new songs and a new ear." - Folking.com

"Here we have a distillation of all that has gone before in the folk scene of the 1960s and 70s but not so much ‘made contemporary’ as given a lease of life that can help it strike out on its own." - Folk Radio UK

Released July 13th 2019

Henry Parker: Vocals, Guitars, Morris Drum
Augustin Bousfield: Double Bass, Harmonium
Brendan Bache: Drum Kit, Congas, Shaker
Theo Travis: Flute
David Crickmore: Fender Rhodes, Morris Drum

Produced and engineered by David Crickmore
Mastered by Neil Ferguson

All songs © Henry Parker 2019
All songs written by Henry Parker, except tracks 4 & 10, traditional arr. Henry Parker
released July 13, 2019